Thank You

You guys, this is a message that probably should’ve been sent a little bit ago, but we want to just say… thank you SO much!

The pre-sale response to the Marvelous Hummingbird Feathers deck has been outstanding! Frankly, beyond our expectations. You all are truly an amazing community of cardists, magicians, collectors, and players with a passion for one of the most unique products on this planet — with a long running history too. Beyond the wheel, water, bread, and a couple of board games is there any other product that’s stood the test of time quite like the playing card?

Anyway, when we started the pre-sale, we were right in the middle of building everything for this company (branding and all), building this website, and finishing out the deck and tuck design and artwork. We were even ordering printing plates to test the effect on press (more on that later; rhymes with “giveaway”). Needless to say–and embarrassingly admit–we took a little longer than desired to get these updates rolling out to you. However, roll out they shall!

What’s New

So, I want to keep these update entries at a comfortable length to read, this might end up being one of the longest ones though. We’ll be entering in all of these updates separately with imagery, but here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to:

  • Hummingbird Aces receive custom, digital hand painted illustrations. A throwback to classic decks.
  • Two custom illustrated and unique Jokers! Classic design inspiration, but refreshed.
  • Test plate giveaway coming up!
  • New products coming in the store soon!
  • Unique exterior packaging added to the tucks!
  • Special free and unique gift for all of those who pre-ordered prior to this point.
  • New Deck Announcement!
  • Next Major Release Announcement!
  • Production Begins!


Without YOU, none of this is possible. Born during the chaos of 2020 — the year that no doubt twisted the continuity of time for all — with Marvelous Decks we are aiming to create a very unique set of tiered decks that makes zero compromises on quality and features. Our aim is to focus specifically on you, the user; the cardist, the magician, the collector, and the player, while bringing something fresh to the community. There are many decks brewing inside Marvelous Decks, and we can’t wait to share them with you. On behalf of Kellar and myself, thank you for your support.