Two Custom Jokers

Inspired by vintage cards, we wanted to make the Jokers in the Hummingbird Feathers deck draw from the inspirations of being unique, full bodied, and fun illustrations. Given the subject matter of Hummingbird Feathers, we wondered what could be fun, and it immediately came to mind that there is a wide market and community of people who seek to view up close and even hold a hummingbird in their hand. So, we imagined a Joker who is extremely energetically about trying to view a hummingbird up close, but perhaps he’s never successful — forever tormented and always changing his tactics.

Here’s a look at some of the vintage Jokers we viewed during an image search, with the rough sketches of the character form and illustration below.

While the overall character is meant to be solid and pattern filled with some slight shading. Some time was taken to give the hummingbird feeders some very nice detail to help them stand out a bit.

After getting the first Joker drawn out in vector, a second pose was derived from that illustration. In our research, we often found individuals who would wear masks, glasses, or helmets with hummingbird feeders attached to them. These people had high hopes for being able to observe a hummingbird up close with their own eyes. They were usually successful, but our Joker, however, is left in agony — waiting and waiting. His unique helmet feeder has even failed to deliver the close encounter he desires. Let it be known though, he never lost his enthusiasm for trying!

Here’s a final look at how the colors shift for the different colored decks.