Hummingbird – Court Cards

We thought a lot about how we wanted to design the court cards for the Hummingbird Feathers deck. We had a blank canvas on our hands. However, we decided to go with instantly recognizable court designs that were customized and themed with hummingbird features. I’ll explain why in a moment.

First though, imagine that there’s four castles in a world where the hummingbird is the one and only sacred creature. Each castle has their own dress, but all pay homage to the great mystical hummingbird by utilizing feathers, flowers, and hummingbird silhouettes in their wardrobe.


So, the reason why we chose to work with instantly recognizable court cards is because we wanted the deck to still be comfortably utilized for public magic and game play. Since this deck is so Marvelous with all it’s flash, we felt using uniquely drawn, custom courts might slow down the response time in which someone is able to identify which card they are looking at. We believe that there is added value in functionality when the user can quickly and instinctively know which card they are seeing at a glance by pulling that relationship from their subconscious memory. Having said that though, there was certainly a considerable amount of time spent drawing and placing many custom details in the design.

Pip Cards

Lastly, just to mention one other little detail about the cards in this deck. The pip cards will have a very minimal, dotted foil logo in the center of each card; any pips that fall over it will cover it. It’s something that will add the tiniest bit of shimmer to the card, while remaining almost unnoticeable.


Excitement is building, and we absolutely can’t wait to get these cards in your hands! Stayed tuned to the updates. We’ve still got A LOT more to share with you.

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