Hummingbird Production Progress

Greetings!  Marvelous Decks has been working on bringing you one of the most mesmerizing playing card decks that has ever been seen. The production time of course of Hummingbird Feathers was extended as previously announced to (late spring), but the details with patterns and designs took more time than imagined. We wanted to give you a quick update on progression. 

Tuck boxes are underway here in the USA – as there has been lots of plate testing and extra design time to create the ultimate texture to imitate the Hummingbird Feathers. You can of course see the details on this copper plate and a stunning visual of our letterpress with the holographic iridescent foil.  We believe you’re gonna have so much fun with these decks. 

The card printing is expected to be complete in May in Belgium (steps of creating the Hummingbird Feathers – printing, coating, finishing, gilding, packaging, shipping to us for fulfillment). We will keep you updated with more detailed photos as everything draws closer to fulfillment.  We can’t wait to get them in your cardist and collector hands!

*Important Note:  For everyone that has pre-ordered Hummingbird Feathers – fun surprises in store JUST for you!  We can’t wait for you to experience the wonder of these Marvelous Details of Life for your treasure trove Marvelous Collection. 

Stay tuned as other fun releases coming your way as well here in 2021!  We appreciate your support and patience with us here at Marvelous Decks!  Spectacular times ahead.