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A lot of consideration, thought, and love for the playing card world went into this project. We wanted to bring something unique and fresh to the scene. Enjoy!


Hummingbird Production Progress

Greetings!  Marvelous Decks has been working on bringing you one of the most mesmerizing playing card decks that has... read more

Hummingbird – Court Cards

We thought a lot about how we wanted to design the court cards for the Hummingbird Feathers deck. Here's... read more

Hummingbird Dice – New Product!

New product alert! 5 piece Hummingbird D6 dice set. read more

Two Custom Jokers

Inspired by vintage cards, we wanted to make the Jokers draw from the inspirations of being unique and fun. read more

Hummingbird – Custom Aces

Having been inspired while viewing some vintage decks, we decided to push the bar beyond our original aiming point... read more


You guys, thank you SO much! Here's some updates on Hummingbird Feathers. read more

More to Come

We’ll be rolling out more information about the cards shortly. Such as the custom Aces that feature hummingbird illustrations, and a couple last tricks we have up our sleeves. Stay tuned!