3 Pack – GILDED – Hummingbird Feathers

3 Pack – GILDED – Hummingbird Feathers


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3 Deck Pack of the Marvelous Hummingbird Feathers deck. One of each color; Red, Blue, and Purple.

With coordinating Gilded Edges.
LIMITED: 225qty, signed and numbered.

The tuck case features sculpted embossing, multiple holographic foils with a specialty print process, while the 52 cards plus extras feature a full flood of the holographic foil feathers on the back. The card faces are classic in style, but refined and customized for the theme and feature highlights of holographic foil as well. Deck contains 52 cards, 2 Jokers, 1 Double Back, and 1 Ad Card.

Cards: Printed by Cartamundi: Slimline B9 with holographic foil on both sides.
Tuck: Printed by Fresh Impression: Multiple holographic foils, sculpted embossing.
Fulfillment: Late Spring 2021

Only the best fit and finish for handling, magic, and playing. Can you make the hummingbird fly, or better yet, hover?

Don’t forget to grab a collectable and limited Uncut Press Sheet

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